Client Monopoly GO!
Company Scopely
Role Lead Marketing Artist

The Lead Marketing Artist for Monopoly GO is the main point of reference for all static materials developed for the game, including social media, UA ads, ASO, PR, toolkits for influencers, and the brand style guide. The responsibilities include setting the brand standards and desired look and feel, coordinating and overseeing the production from ideation to final deliverables, and working closely with the Creative Director to ensure alignment between different teams, across video and statics, with the Game Art Director to provide a cohesive experience in-game and across the marketing funnel, and with the Brand team for alignment on the creative strategy.

Production-wise, all the work below has been developed by a team of 3-5 internal designers under my organization, and a variety of external agencies supporting our needs. Thanks to this work and the great in-game experience, Monopoly GO has surpassed all pre-launch expectations and grossed over 2 Billion dollars in revenue in less than a year live, being by far the biggest game on Scopely's portfolio as of today, and the most successful casual game launch to date on the Western Hemisphere.

ASO Featuring

Leading the production of ASO Featuring + LiveOps cards, working with the internal design team and external agencies, in a templatized way to maximize efficiency and make sure the high demand for promotion in the stores is met.

MPY-35712_Featuring Art_Coop Robot Partners_EN_3840x2880_v2_y3frwawoo7
MPY-35934_Featuring Art_Sunken Treasures
MPY-30579_Featuring Refresh – Monopoly World (Evergreen)_Google
MPY-27004_Google Play Cyber Week Banner_v3
MPY-34553_Featuring – Parade Partner Co-Op_3840x2880_v3_sgejgy9zxq
MPY-36292_Featuring – Nocturnal Treasures_Google
MPY-34552_Featuring – Anniversary Offer_Google
MPY-33574_Featuring – Hot Rod Partners_Google_3840x2880_v2
MPY-34548_Featuring – Fountains Co-Op_3840x2880_v6_bbovdot5gk
MPY-32265_Featuring Women’s Day_Google

UA New Concepts

Leading the regular creation of new advertising concepts for the game, from the brainstorming sessions to pitching the ideas to the brand team, briefing the creative team, coordinating project pipelines and workload with project managers and producers, overseeing production, and supporting the team on post-production as needed to make sure timelines are respected while quality standards are met.

MPY-34119_Bucks Rain Party_Static_1200x1200_V2_numqkakwt7
MPY-34104_Protect what’s yours_Static_1200x1200_V3
MPY-32612_Space Resort_1200x1200_dsy0azanzb
MPY-34102_Tokens Duel_Static_1200x1200
MPY-27128_Treasure Hunt Mini-game Static_1200x1200
MPY-34121_Traveler Influencer_1200x1200_V2_sf8vevjbib
MPY-23065_Amusement Park_STATIC_1200x1200
MPY-32611_Immersion_Time Machine_1200x1200_sv3yis3sw5
MPY-34118_Token Pickup_Static_1200x1200_0djdgcjyyx
MPY-32255_Champion static remix 3_EN_1200x1200
MPY-32608_Memories Collection_1200x1200_k4ayytpau8
MPY-32245_Monopoly Jail iteration static 1200×1200
MPY-34103_Overwhelming Shutdown_Static_V3_1200x1200
MPY-32614_Control Room_1200x1200
MPY-24597_Money from the Yacht_1200x1200_V2

360 Campaings

Coordinated work among teams working on the trailer, UA ads and ASO to ensure a cohesive experience for potential players across the funnel, the 1 Year Anniversary creative assets are part of a global push to get new users in this important milestone for the brand.

MPY-34527_MPY GO! ANNIVERSARY – Static 3 – Open Doors_EN-US_1200x1200_v3_vqoco8hmjb
MPY-34525_MPY GO! ANNIVERSARY – Static 1 – Cupcake_EN-US_1200x1200_v3_rzbpta5eps
MPY-34526_MPY GO! ANNIVERSARY – Static 2 – Cake Mob_EN-US_1200x1200_v3_odase3m3sw
MPY-34528_MPY GO! ANNIVERSARY – Static 4 – Gatsby _EN-US_1200x1200_v4_e9zxlaqxns

ASO Screenshots

Development of seasonal ASO Screenshots packs on a regular basis, leveraging existing assets and reskinning the live materials to best reflect the LiveOps events happening in-game on each season.